Pau Hana Estate

100% Kona Coffee - Certified Organic

Happy New Year!

We have not increased our product prices for several years, but with increases in processing costs and postage, we have done our best to keep product costs low but they have had to change a bit .

We also now sell our green coffee by the pound and invite you to call for quantity amounts.

Thank you again for your continued support in 2017!  Mahalo!
"Pau Hana" - The Hawaiian phrase describing the most relaxing part of the day
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The Pau Hana Estate is an Award Winning Certified Organic Farm, family owned and operated. The farm is located in the heart of the famed Kona coffee-growing region at an elevation of 2400 feet on the side of Mauna Loa, one mile from the historic town of Captain Cook. The conditions are perfect for producing gourmet Kona coffee.

The five-acre farm with its 3500 trees has deep rich volcanic soil, seasonal rainfall, and daily cloud cover with occasional fog in the afternoons to shade the strong sun.

This excellent coffee has been featured at the Four Season's Grill Restaurant in Hualalai and the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Many of you have wondered how you could enjoy even more of our wonderful farm environment, and we're pleased to now make lodging here available to you during your visit here in paradise.

So please drop us a line or give us a call to visit or tour our manicured farm and enjoy a cup of aloha with us.

Our History
Building on the success of the farm's previous owners, Merle and Kathy Woods, the Pau Hana Estate has continued the tradition of providing exceptional, 100% Certified Organic Kona Coffee.

The farmland has been certified organic for the past 10 years, and with less than 100 acres of organic coffee grown in the Kona region, the 5 acres of coffee trees constitutes one of the largest and most productive farms on the Big Island.

The coffee produced by Pau Hana has placed several times in the Annual Gevalia Kona Cupping Contest, having won first prize in 2001, third in 2002, and second place in 2006. Information on upcoming Cupping Contests can be found on the Kona Coffee Council site.
More About Our Coffee
The International Coffee Organization has one of the best histories of coffee on their website, which you can find here.


Many people are interested how coffee is processed, and you can find information on how it is farm picked here, and how it is usually processed here.

Pau Hana Coffee is 100% Kona Coffee and certified organic, using a dry method of field processing.  Beans are sun-dried in a traditional Hawaiian manner, in hoshidannas, to preserve all the natural flavor possible.

The beans then have the parchment skins removed and are set aside in a controlled environment to be aged. After aging, the beans are then roasted in small quantities to ensure the highest quality product is available to you..
News From The Farm